Legal Advice

From March 2022 we will again be offering face-to-face advice.

What we do: 

We give advice on many questions regarding German asylum law such as the general asylum procedure, work permits, family unification, questions regarding your residence status and perspectives, the Dublin procedure (including appeals), the refugee status and subsidiary protection status (including appeals) as well as information when your application for asylum has been rejected.

What we do not do: 

We cannot give advice in criminal law, civil law, very urgent matters and urgent deadlines. We also cannot represent you before courts and we do not handle appeals regarding asylum applications that have been denied as inadmissible or unsubstantiated.

If you’re not sure if we can help with your concern, please do not hesitate to contact us!

I need an interpreter

If you need a volunteer translator for the consultation,
let us know three days before your appointment.
Contact: beratung@rlcm.de

Our information centers

Registration for all counseling hours starts at 5:30 p.m., the consultation starts at 6 p.m. Please respect that the waiting time can belong. We can only guarantee consultation for the first eight applicants. Please bring all relevant documents (i.e. letters from the authorities) with you!

We offer consultations at Caritas-Alveni (Arnulfstraße 83, 80634 Munich, 2nd floor).

Consultation Dates






· The Caritas premises may only be entered with a face mask.

· Disinfect hands when entering. Disinfection dispensers are installed on site.

· Only a max. number of people are allowed in the rooms. The maximum number of people allowed is on the doors.

· Avoid crowds of people in the hallways

General Information

In very urgent cases, especially if a deadline expires or if there’s a threat of deportation, we ask to directly visit a lawyer. Thank you for your understanding.

Directions to the information centre in Dachau can be found here and those to the information centre in the Arnulfstraße can be found here. Signposting can be found at the location. Please allow for enough waiting time. Thank you for your cooperation.

If you have any questions please contact beratung@rlcm.de. Please note that we cannot give legal advice via email or telephone! 

We hope to be able to help you.